Kaleidoscope by Amy LeTourneur

(working title)

Seventeen year old AJ Hertz’s future seems to be set in stone. As one of the top-ranked high school soccer players in the country, he has both college and pro teams vying for his signature on a contract. But just as his senior year begins, AJ and his mother are involved in a tragic car accident that takes her life and leaves him with a career-ending head injury and a three-month gap in his memory.

Drowning in pain over the loss of his beloved mother and completely unsure of his new place in the world, AJ teeters on the edge of an abyss for months, praying for death and holding both friends and family at arm’s length. When another loss pushes him over the edge, his violent reaction lands him in juvenile court facing serious criminal charges. Rather than putting him in juvenile detention, however, the judge hands down a unique sentence, one that forces AJ to face his emotions, his actions…and his victims. As he carries out the judge’s orders, AJ forges new relationships, restores old ones, and unearths the shocking secrets that affect them all. And when his new friends are faced with a life or death decision, AJ finally discovers a thrilling—and somewhat terrifying—new  purpose for his life.

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