Amy LeTourneur, master of snark and plucker of heartstrings, writes young adult novels that make readers feel “all the feels” while tackling gritty, real-life issues with honesty and grace. Her written works include Reflection, a young adult novella, and Life is a Kaleidoscope, her debut young adult novel and the first book in The Kaleidoscope Series. 


What happens when you discover the enemy before you . . . is really just a reflection of you?

Melina Christopoulos is the devil in Dior.

At least that’s how sixteen-year-old AJ Hertz has always seen her. And he should know. He’s been best friends with Lina’s triplets, Theo and Lexi, since third grade. But Lina? She’s hated him from hello…and the feeling is pretty much mutual.

Reflection is the first novella in The Lost Summer Series, the companion prequels to The Kaleidoscope Series, which debuts in May!

(Fair warning :  Tissues required!) 

Life is a Kaleidoscope

Book 1 in The Kaleidoscope Series

What do you do when your world spins and you lose everything that made you you?

Life is a kaleidoscope, doodlebug.

Those words haunt seventeen-year-old AJ Hertz. They’re one of the last things he remembers about the summer before his senior year.

The summer before his whole world came crashing down.

Calling all writers!

Work in Progress

A Blog for Aspiring Authors of All Ages

Do you dream of writing a novel but think you’re not old enough or young enough or educated enough or whatever enough?

Pffft! Nonsense. 

Okay, so maybe you are a work in progress, but so is every other human walking on this earth. But that story burning in your heart? It was given to you for a reason. And everything that makes you who you are also makes you uniquely qualified to write your book.

So trust me, my friend, you can do it! 

And I’ll show you how. 

On my blog, Work in Progress, I post writing advice and encouragement for writers of all ages. We’ll cover everything from creating compelling characters and evoking emotion in your readers all the way down to the nitty-gritty details of writing a novel (y’know, little things like theme and plot). So click the button below to start learning along with me.

Then buckle up, buttercup, and let’s write! 

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