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Life is a Kaleidoscope

a heartbreaking young adult novel
about life after loss

What do you do when your whole
world spins and you lose everything
that made you you?

Seventeen-year-old AJ Hertz’s future shines as bright as his flaming copper hair. As one of the top-ranked high school soccer players in the country, he’s destined for stardom on the pro soccer stage. But just days into his senior year, AJ and his mother are involved in a tragic car accident that takes her life and leaves him with career-ending injuries, a three-month gap in his memory, and the uneasy feeling he’s forgotten something—something very important—about that lost summer. 

Mired in grief and completely unsure of his new place in the world, AJ teeters on the edge of an abyss for months, longing for death and shutting both friends and family out of his life. When another heartbreaking loss pushes him over the edge, his violent reaction lands him in a set of handcuffs and some serious hot water with the law. Instead of putting AJ in juvenile detention, however, the judge hands down a unique sentence, one that forces him to face his actions, his emotions . . . and his victims.

As AJ carries out the judge’s orders, he forms hew relationships, restores old ones, and unearths the shocking secrets that connect them all. But even as AJ rebuilds his life—with both a thrilling new purpose and a new love—one question still threatens to unravel it all: 

What . . . or who . . . is lost inside his broken memory?

Ready, set . . . launch!

Life is a Kaleidoscope is ready for launch! Now all I need is a team of people to help boost this baby into the stratosphere. 😊

And I’d love to add you to the team!

What’s in it for you?

As a launch team member, you’ll receive:

  • A free digital ARC (advance reader copy) of Life is a Kaleidoscope
  • The opportunity to read the book before the general public
  • A discount on print copies of the book (for a limited time only)
  • And the chance to win one of several giveaways, including gift cards, a signed copy of LIAK, and a pretty awesome swag bag. (Values range from $10-50.)

What does the launch team do?  

As part of the launch team, your main role is to spread the word about Life is a Kaleidoscope. And there are a few things I’ll ask you to do to accomplish that. 

Required team tasks

  • Read Life is a Kaleidoscope (which is obvious, but there ya go – haha)
  • Post a review on your social media platforms (graphics will be provided to make this easy peasy)
  • Post a review on Goodreads and Amazon (or wherever you purchase the book)

Pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top team tasks:

  • Purchase the book when it’s released. You may be thinking, Why would I buy the book when I’m getting the ARC free?  Well, because 1) the ARC is a PDF, which probably isn’t your preferred reading format; and 2) if you buy the book, your review will be labeled “verified purchase,” which really helps the book’s Amazon ranking. But good news! For a limited time, launch team members will be able to buy Life is a Kaleidoscope at a discount, and you can buy as many copies as you like at that price! And trust me, you’ll want this beauty on your shelf . . . or donate it to your town/school library, place it in a Little Free Library near you, or gift it to a young adult you love!
  • Complete the quick-fire team tasks I’ll post on our LIAK Launch Team Facebook group (each of which will only take a minute or two—hence the name 😉)  

While there are several tasks on this list, I never want any team member to feel stressed out or resentful. If all you can do is read the book and post a review, then I’ll be very grateful for that!

But to sweeten the deal, I’ll be holding drawings for giveaways throughout the 3-week launch period, and those who complete the team tasks required for each drawing will be entered to win!   

Team members will get their free ARC on May 9th. This gives them 3 full weeks to read the book and prepare their review(s) to post on Launch Day on May 30th.

I can’t wait to share Life is a Kaleidoscope with the world, and I hope you’ll be part of the team and help me spread the word!  



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