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Melina Christopoulos is the devil in Dior.

At least that’s how sixteen-year-old AJ Hertz has always seen her. And he should know. He’s been best friends with Lina’s triplets, Theo and Lexi, since third grade. But Lina? She’s hated him from hello . . . and the feeling is pretty much mutual. The only thing the two teens have in common is their drive to succeed, Melina as a rising star in the modeling industry and AJ as a soccer phenom gaining national attention.

For as long as he can remember, AJ has dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player, so when he’s accepted into the summer training program at the country’s most elite soccer academy, he leaps at the chance to go. His parents scrape together the cash for tuition, but paying for a room on campus is out of the question. So his best friends’ father saves the day, offering to let AJ stay at the Christopoulos family’s vacation home on Lake Loman, just minutes from the academy. There’s just one hitch: he’ll have to share the house with Lina and her mother, who use it as a convenient home base for Lina’s hectic summer modeling schedule in New York City.

The thought of living with his archenemy for three months—and without Theo and Lexi for backup—turns every one of AJ’s freckles into hives. Melina is hard as nails. Cold. Heartless.

But what if . . . just maybe . . . she isn’t?

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Reflection is a prequel to my debut YA novel, Life is a Kaleidoscope, which releases in May . . . and one lucky launch team member will win a free print copy of the novel and some LIAK swag! If you loved reading AJ & Melina’s story in Reflection, then trust me, you will not want to miss Life is a Kaleidoscope! (Forget about a tissue or two. You’ll need the whole dang box!) Just for joining the team, you’ll receive one entry into the prize drawing, and for each launch week task you complete, you’ll earn another entry. (Winner will be drawn at random and notified via email on April 8th.)

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