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Work in Progress – A Double Entendre

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Hello, friends, and welcome to Work in Progress!

I’m Amy LeTourneur (pronounced “la-turner”), and I’m the writer behind this blog. It took me four years (and many tears) to transform my first novel from a dream in my head into a completed manuscript just steps away from publication. I relied heavily on the teachings and advice of other writers, so I know how vital it is for new writers to have writing resources at their fingertips. 

With a heart for teaching and encouraging others, I created Work in Progress as a resource for writers of all ages and backgrounds who dream of writing and publishing a novel. And I am thrilled you’re here!

So…how is the name Work in Progress a double entendre?

In the literary sense, a double entendre (ahn-tahn-druh) is “ambiguity of meaning arising from language that lends itself to more than one interpretation.” (Thank you, Merriam-Webster!) The term “work in progress” (or WIP in writer slang) is commonly used by writers to refer to the novel they’re currently working on. But, as writers (and human beings in general), we are also “works in progress,” constantly learning and growing in our abilities.

So, in a nutshell, the focus of Work in Progress is to help works in progress write their works in progress. Got it?😁 



Writing a novel is somewhat like climbing a mountain trail – the view at the top is exhilarating, but the path to get there is rocky and steep and downright exhausting. But one thing it never has to be is lonely. So no matter where you are on your climb – whether “The End” is in sight (see what I did there?😉) or you don’t even know where the trail begins – I’m here to guide you and cheer you on every step of the way.

What makes me the right guide for you?


To be perfectly honest…I may not be. Everyone has different needs and tastes. Some people find my quirkiness delightful. Others find it annoying. Some appreciate my frankness-peppered-with-love approach to teaching. Others prefer the white-glove treatment. I encourage you to read several posts and decide for yourself if my teaching style “clicks” with you.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about me…

I am a lover of nature, Coke Zero, and writing young adult novels. I dedicated most of my adult life to raising and homeschooling my four kids, but as they grew and graduated, my teaching – and momming – load lightened considerably.

I eagerly dove headfirst into writing a new novel, one that I was determined to actually finish this time (as opposed to the half-dozen unfinished manuscripts hidden away in my pie safe). And you know what I ended up with? hot mess, written totally by the seat of my pants – no plot, no theme, on-the-fly character development.

Y’all, it was bad. So bad it made the perfectionist in me positively cringe.

But I had so many stories swirling around in my head and wanted to write a novel – a good novel – so badly. So I immersed myself in a study on the craft of writing. I read dozens of books, devoured entire blogs full of information, and worked on writing exercises until my fingers bled. (Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get my point.)

And let me tell you, friends, I didn’t know just how much I didn’t know! It was truly humbling!

As I got involved in various online writing communities, I felt intimidated by my fellow writers, assuming everyone had more knowledge and experience than I did. That they all had a master’s degree in writing and a string of published novels on their shelves. So I sat quietly in the wings and kept my mouth shut…until I noticed that many of my fellow writers were posting questions about the writing process – questions “little old me” knew the answers to! And that’s when I realized something.

There are a whole lot of writers out there who don’t know just how much they don’t know. Writers who have a story burning in their hearts but:

  • Don’t have the money or the time to go to college for a BA in Creative Writing
  • Can’t afford a pricey writing course or one-on-one sessions with a writing coach
  • Could benefit from a blog that offers helpful (and free!) advice on the craft of writing
  • Could really use a heaping dose of encouragement from someone who’s been right where they are in their writing life

And that’s where the idea for Work in Progress was born. Although writing is my first love, I am also passionate about teaching and encouraging other writers on their journeys. Writers just like you. 😊

Where are you on the trail?


Friends, this blog is all for YOU, so I would love to get to know you! Comment below to introduce yourself and tell me about your work in progress.



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7 thoughts on “Work in Progress – A Double Entendre”

  1. Hello, I am Katherine! I mostly write non-fiction but recently have been inspired by a re-reading of The Chronicles of Narnia to write short stories I would have enjoyed reading when I was younger. I also have several thousand words typed up for another fiction book.

  2. My name is Kathy. I am an Aspiring writer with a jillion ideas running through my head. My main audience will be 9 yrs to 20 yrs. I would love to create a set of moral characters that 2020 generational can grow up with.

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